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    Café Buratino is located nearby central area of Vientiane, called Banh Nongbuathong. It is one of our interior design project for an office space that covers the total area of 83 sqm. The main design concept has been developed from a client’s brief, which is to create a space that uses local materials as much as possible, so that there is a strong connection between an interior space and a locally produced organic coffee beans that will be brought-in to the Café from Southern part of Laos. Hence, we have come up with a concept of “Maximize the Sense of Local Materials”.

     Since Rattans and Bamboos are the two command materials found in Laos, we have decided to use it as our main materials for the design features. We have applied these materials to our design in such a way that, it has a soften look on the surface and finishes, yet it also plays a big part in the overall structure. To create a focal point, at the entrance we have added some design features on the wall that goes all the way up to ceiling, where it could be seen easily through the glass doors when the customers are passing by. This sculptural design feature was done using a locally sourced rattan. To execute a unique design that brings the “Old” and “New” together, during the design process we have worked on both parametric design programs and study about the traditional way of rattan weaving in Laos as well.

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